BH Cosmetics makeup brush review

BH Cosmetics Fall Makeup

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BH Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend 2

10 Piece Brush Set


brush blog.jpg

123- Flat Top Buffing Brush

124- Tapered Face Blending Brush

125- Tapered Contour Brush

126- Precision Blush Brush

127- Angled Face Shader Brush

128- Small Deluxe Blending Brush

129- Small Round Blending Brush

130- Large Shader Brush

131- Nose Contour Brush

132- Precision Detailer Brush

I am a BH Cosmetics lover. I believe in their brand 110%! They are so affordable and their products are amazing.

Here’s what I think about this brush set:

I love that they are dual-fiber. This makes them great for applying liquids, creams, and powders. You don’t want a brush that’s too soft and you don’t want a brush that is too dense. I love these brushes because they are the perfect amount of both soft and dense. These take blending and sculpting to a new level! You will never have to worry about makeup lines, harsh contour lines, or unblended eyeshadow ever again.

Brush sets are definitely the best way to go. This set is perfect for beginners! Buying individual brushes can be difficult and expensive. As a makeup artist, I have every brush I need in this one set. That is a HUGE plus. For the quality and the price of these, every single person that wears makeup should grab a set to add to their makeup brush collection! I love mine! They come with me everywhere that I go.

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