The Little Palette by Morphe X Elena Gant Reviews + Swatches

morphe 1.jpg

Awesome Blossom

awesome blossom final 2.JPG

awesome blossom final 1.JPG

Coca Mocha

coca mocha final 1 .JPG

coca mocha final 2.JPG

Coffee Toffee

coffee toffee 1 final.JPG

coffee toffee 2 final.JPG

Copper Popper

copper popper 1 final .JPGcopper popper 2 final .JPG

These are the raw, unedited swatches above.

I love that with just these 4 palettes, you have all the colors you need for almost any makeup look. The variety of colors is awesome. These palettes are small enough to throw in your purse for on the go application or touch ups. The shimmery colors are extremely pigmented and a little goes a long way. The matte colors apply and blend smoothly. As you can see in my very first photo at the top of the page, the packaging was ok, but it wasn’t the cutest I have ever seen. They looked a little bit dirty, but when I opened them I realized that is just how to packaging was made. They were a faded black color with a cloudy film on the front. The palettes are very light so I feel like they will be easily broken. I try to be careful when carrying them around. For packaging, I give this 7 stars out of 10. I don’t care about packaging as long as the product inside is good. In this case, the product is great so who cares what the outside looks like?!These shadows stay on very well. I have worn each of these eyeshadow palettes every day for four days this week and there’s nothing that I didn’t love about them! I am impressed by the price and quality of these. They are $9.99. I feel like you get so much for your money with these beauties. I am happy that I made this purchase 🙂

I only purchased 4, but their were actually 5 palettes in this collection. If you’re looking for a new & affordable eyeshadow palette, I think you’ll fall in love with one of these. They are limited edition so get them while you can!

One thought on “The Little Palette by Morphe X Elena Gant Reviews + Swatches

  1. Wow I didn’t even know there were 5 of these omg I just hope these are not limited edition I would love to get at least two palettes you shared some amazing pictures and swatches thank you so much ♥️ I’m so glad I found you through insta MrssGrace3 😘


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