Flower Miracle Matte Translucent Finishing Powder Review

I bought this powder for $9.98 at Walmart. I wanted to try a new powder to “bake” my concealer with. My first impression was that the powder was extremely fine and loose. Every time I open the container, a big puff of powder escapes and causes me to cough my head off for the next few minutes. To bake, I use a damp beauty blender and dip it into the powder then apply it under my eyes where I’ve just applied concealer. Even when I use something wet to pick this powder up, it still escapes and blows  everywhere. I don’t know what it is about this powder, but it chokes me every time, so I can’t use it! That has happened to me before with other fine powders, so I try to only purchase powders that are a little bit thicker in texture.. like the Airspun Translucent Powder (can also be found at Walmart). The Flower Translucent Powder  didn’t set my concealer at all. It actually left cakey white powder in the creases of the concealer. I thought that since it’s a finishing powder I could just try using it on my face instead since it didn’t work for baking, but there’s no way. Using a powder brush to apply this powder made the coughing so much worse! I tried to love this powder, but I can’t. Unfortunately I threw the receipt away so I couldn’t return it, but I definitely would if I could! 

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