Life Update


Omg, here I am. Back to doing what I love and it has never felt so good! I have missed you guys so freaking much. I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to give you a quick life update!! 

So this past year I got really busy and slowly drifted away from doing the one thing that I love oh so much, BLOGGING! Life has been so busy and pretty wild to say the least. After a long, beautiful journey with MAC, I decided to end it, simply because I wanted to work from home. I wanted to be with my husband and family more often. I also wanted the freedom of traveling whenever I wanted to. You guys know me and my love for travel! I love my MAC family so much and they will always have a special place in my heart. MAC was one of the seeds that planted me, and that is where I started to bloom. For that I will always be grateful!

After ending the journey with MAC, I was on to something new. With my love for fashion, I decided to start a new, exciting journey by opening an online boutique ( It has been such an amazing experience and such a great success. My mom and I partnered up and created a beautiful website. I absolutely LOVE owning a boutique at 21 years old. Although it wasn’t easy, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. We decided to temporarily pause our shop, because we are currently working on something even bigger and better for our boutique.

During the time of running the boutique, I decided to start working for Younique. If you’re not familiar with Younique, it is an online cosmetic company. They offer a large variety of makeup and skincare in a variety of shades. There is something for everyone there! I am so in love with the company and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

I have been a lot of different places and tried a lot of different things lately as far as careers go, all of which were successful. I just wasn’t complete without doing makeup or writing. I have been so lost since I stopped and it feels so amazing to be back. Every where I went and everything I did led me back here. I now have the best of all 3 worlds, MAKEUP, FASHION, AND GLAMOROUS GOSSIP Beauty Blog! My heart is so full. It is such a blessing to have these wonderful opportunities. All glory be to GOD! 

We all have to do a little soul-searching sometimes to figure out where we belong and what we are meant to be. Life can take you to so many places. It is not about the destination though, it is all about the journey. Thank you to everyone who has continued following mine!

….the best is yet to come! 

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