I want to talk about POSITIVITY & HAPPINESS today. First off, I want you to know that this takes time, patience, and practice. It isn’t easy, but it is possible. Being positive is a state of mind. It is up to YOU. It’s your choice. Will you choose to wake up each day with more positive thoughts or will you continue letting negative thoughts take over your day?



Have you ever gotten on social media and started comparing yourself to other girls? You probably think that these other girls have better hair than you, or better legs. We are all guilty of doing this. I mean seriously, have you been on Instagram lately? It is summertime and WOW.. my news feed is full of gorgeous girls with gorgeous bodies and gorgeous suntans. They are all so picture perfect with no flaws. When we stare at these photos, we start to feel insecure. We start to believe in this “perfect” image. So then we become obsessed. We start to strive for perfection which only leads to failure because perfection doesn’t exist. If you’re trying to achieve perfection, you will be so disappointed. You will never be happy! We see all of these perfect people living perfect lives and we see the luxuries and we think it is real life, but it isn’t. Social media is a place to look your best. It is a place to show off. Social media is full of filters and photoshop. You never know what a person is actually like in real life. You don’t know their story. You only see a photo, and let me tell you, photos can be deceiving! In these photos you don’t see their flaws. Social media has become this nasty, fake place. It will be toxic to you IF you let it. It has become a place where we go to literally COMPARE ourselves to other people. It has become a competition. It is all about impressing others instead of uplifting others! It has become a place where instead of us just being ourselves, we try to imitate someone else’s life. We try to become someone and something that we’re not and then when we fail at it, we think we aren’t good enough. It is so sad. I know it’s hard to stop comparing. I feel your pain and your struggle. In this day and time, we have so much pressure on us to live up to these big expectations.. but trust me, you’ll be so much happier when you realize that you will never meet those unrealistic expectations. You’ll be miserable if you try. Here’s what you should know. In reality, we all have flaws, but we are all beautiful. Yes, there is always going to be a person that may seem to have something better, BUT while you’re wishing for what she has, she’s probably wishing for what you have. We all have different features, different talents, and different assets that make us who we are. Being different is beautiful and fun, but being perfect is boring and overrated. Stop comparing. Comparison is a thief of joy. It is toxic! You are YOU and that is something no one else can be. You are enough. You’re unique, beautiful, and strong. Stop trying so hard to be like someone else. You’re so amazing just the way you are! Never question your beauty again! Starting today, try to admire others beauty without questioning your own! This is a major key to happiness and success.

Always remember that beauty starts from within! Even the most beautiful filter can’t make a person pretty if they have an ugly heart!



Life isn’t a completion. We are ALL capable of doing amazing things and we ALL deserve to be cheered on. So instead of envying someone else’s success, be happy for them. Clap for them. Their success doesn’t take away from yours! There is plenty of room for each of us to bloom. Tell someone they’re beautiful today or tell them how awesome they are. Comment on their photos. Nothing bad ever came from being nice and complimenting people!

Another major issue that I want to address…. STOP TRYING TO GET MORE LIKES. Oh my gosh. A like doesn’t mean anything. 3 or 3,000, either way, those views and likes don’t define you. I don’t get a million likes or views on my photos & videos, but do you see me crying about it? NO. I enjoy posting things regardless of how many people like it. Why? Because I like it and that is all that matters. I really don’t care what other people think about me! Social media tries to make us compete with each other and I refuse to let it win.




Thoughts are full of energy. Make sure your thoughts are POSITIVE & POWERFUL. Train your mind to think good thoughts only. Try to see the good in everything instead of the bad. Your happiness depends on the quality of your thoughts!





Should I scream it louder for the people in the back?? This is such an important step to happiness! Stop allowing people to drain you of your positive energy. If any person, family, friend, or stranger does ANY of these 5 things to you, you should give them the chance to change and if they don’t, you should remove them from your life immediately and permanently.

-Spreads negativity.

-Criticizes you often.

-Appears jealous of you.

-Doesn’t seem to care about you.

-Constantly disappoints you.

If a person does any of those things, they don’t deserve your time! You’re better than that and you deserve better! Get rid of the toxic people and see how much your life will change. You will be the happiest you’ve ever been.




We are all guilty of this. We worry about finances, school, work, relationships.. the list goes on and on. Worry does nothing good for you. It tears you down and creates problems where there were none. Stop worrying. Give your worries to God starting today. Let Him fight your battles for you. Pray to God and trust in Him. He will never let you down! Have faith. Faith can move mountains, and doubt can create them. Which will you choose? Faith or doubt? Make sure that you choose wisely.

“Don’t worry about anything, instead PRAY about everything.” -Philippians 4:6 




I really could go on and on about this one. Mainly because I struggled with believing in myself a few years ago. I finally gained strength and confidence. I decided one day that I was the only person holding me back. My dreams would never come true if I didn’t at least try!! So that is when I made the change, and I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been since that day. You see, I have learned that not everyone is for you. Even some of the ones who say they are for you may not actually be. People may envy you. Sadly, a lot of times those people are family and close friends. Some people may not want what’s best for you, simply because they are scared you’ll be successful and start to do better than them. You may even have people who try to fake friendship just to get close to you and to get inside your boat.. then, before you know it, they will start drilling holes in your boat. What I’m saying is that you should be very careful about who you let in. Don’t let anyone sink you. It can happen so fast. Be cautious of every person who crosses your path. Make sure they have your best interest at heart. For the longest, I didn’t understand why people didn’t support me or why people weren’t happy for me when I started chasing my dreams. Well… there’s only one explanation for this: ENVY! When someone sees your potential, they panic! The only people who have always been 100% for me is God, my husband, and a small handful of my immediate family. Let me tell you something, people do not like to see you doing good. They will hate on you, bash you, and create rumors about you. They will literally do anything to tear you down and to see you fail. This is the moment you must gain a lot of strength and very thick, tough skin. You must learn to believe in yourself, even when no one else believes in you. I won’t go into a lot of detail, but just know that if you’re dealing with any of these things, you’re not alone! I have been dealing with it for YEARS. If I had let all the haters and negativity get to me, I wouldn’t be here right now typing this. Haters are just proof that you’re doing something right!!

If you’re beginning to chase your dreams, just know that I believe in you. You can do it, trust me. If I can do it, so can you. If you have haters who are doubting you, PROVE THEM WRONG! Set your goals and smash them. Reach for the stars. The world is yours, darling!




I do not say this lightly. Health and nutrition is the key to a happy life. Being healthy will make you feel better, look better, and you will begin to think more clearly. You can do it. Start today. Nourish your body. It will thank you for it in the future!




IMG_7031Take the trip. Stop stressing over choosing a destination and stop worrying about money. It is all about the journey! You have the rest of your life to live, so go see the world. Be adventurous. Take a million pictures and soak in as much as you can so that when you become old & grey, you will have plenty of pictures to show and stories to tell to your children and grandchildren.



Music really is medicine. There isn’t much that a little music can’t cure.







We only live once. Life should be fun. It should be an exciting adventure. Our journey will come to an end one day. So if you love someone, tell them. If you love something, do it. Don’t hold back. It is good for the soul to be with the ones you love and to do what you love to do. Slow down a little and enjoy life! Focus on the positive, uplift others, and never tear anyone down!!

Follow these 11 steps, and you will be on the road to living a happier, healthier, and more positive life! Hope you enjoyed the read. Feel free to like, comment, and share 🙂








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