You guys know that I love to be tan, but a few years ago I had a skin cancer scare that left me with several scars on my body. I am too afraid now to spend much time in the sun because of the damage it could cause to my skin. Now I am always searching for the perfect self tanning products!

While shopping at Ulta recently, I came across this brand called Bali Body. Ulta just started carrying this brand, and of course I was super excited to give it a try. They had several cool products to offer, but I was mostly interested in the self tanning mousse.



  • BB is an Australian tanning brand whose products are made in their hometown of Melbourne.
  • VEGAN!
  • BB products are formulated using natural and naturally derived ingredients and they are only tested on ‘Bali Babes’.
  • They offer FREE shipping for all USA customers.


  • $29.95 USD


When I walked over to the tanning section at Ulta, the first shelf that stood out to me was the one with Bali Body products. The packaging caught my attention so fast. I will be the first to admit that I am always attracted to the packaging before I even look into the actual product itself. If it looks cute, I am probably going to purchase it! The packaging is high quality. The bottle is a gorgeous soft pink color with a velvety matte texture. It has an easy to use pump. The top doesn’t leak like some pumps do. Overall, it gave me major summer and beachy vibes which I LOVED!


BB has a tanning mitt which you can purchase here. Ulta didn’t have the mitt, so I used an old one I had at home. The application was super easy. The mousse applies very smoothly and evenly. It truly glides over the skin like a dream! The mousse is soft, light, airy and creamy. It has the neatest texture of any self tanner I have ever used. I followed the instructions and applied it using long sweeping motions starting from my feet and moving upwards. My skin felt moisturized which was nice because a lot of times I feel dry after applying tanning products. This product is enriched with soothing chamomile extract, antioxidant coffee seed extract & rejuvenating pomegranate extract which claims to leave your skin looking not only flawless, but feeling hydrated & glowing. 



When you first apply it, the color is like a pale brown. I was thinking in the beginning that the color wouldn’t be dark enough for my standards, but the tan actually develops over the next several hours. BB says that for a light tan, wash off after 1 hour. For a medium to dark tan, leave for up to 4 hours. For the deepest tan leave for 8 hours before showering. Of course I put the color to the test and left mine on for 8 hours. I applied it at night and by the next morning I had a gorgeous deep brown tan. Once I showered, I still had the same color which was exciting because with most self tanners, the color is never the same after it is washed off. My tan looked so natural and smooth with no streaks, and I had a healthy glow going on that my family and friends noticed immediately. The color wasn’t orange like most self tanning products, so I was very impressed! 


This is the part that really shocks me. I can’t tell you how it smells because it doesn’t really have a scent at all! If you’re familiar with self tanning, then you know that finding a product that doesn’t smell bad is a big deal. Even after wearing it for 8 hours, I couldn’t smell it. My underarms didn’t even get that funky smell that I usually get. I love that about this product!


Once I applied the mousse, I walked around naky for about 10 minutes. It felt dry to the touch so I put my pajamas on. It didn’t feel wet or sticky with my clothes on! It is definitely a fast drying formula. I could easily apply this in the morning time, put my clothes on in 10-15 minutes and then go out. I typically don’t like to apply a self tanner and then go anywhere public, which is why I normally apply at night. But honestly, with this one I could get away with going out and no one would ever notice I had just tanned! They wouldn’t smell me either lol!


BB claims the tan will last 5-7 days, and they recommend moisturizing daily to make the tan last the longest. By day 5, I could tell my tan was fading, so I re-applied on day 6. I do take long hot baths nightly, and long showers daily which can cause self-tanner to fade faster. Soaking in a bath minimizes the tan life span. I think my BB tan would probably last longer if I would shower only. I noticed that it faded very smoothly, and it didn’t leave big patches.


I don’t have anything negative to say about this product. Price, packaging, application, smell, color, drying time, tan life, and everything else about this mousse was on point for me. I am very impressed. I would rate it a 10/10. I have tried so many self tanning products, and I truly have never found one that is perfect all the way around. Most of my favorites still have their cons, but this one is all pros 100%. It is my new go-to!

If you’re like me and you don’t tan in the sun, applying a self tanner can give you an instant confidence boost. It feels nice to have a product that gives you a beautiful and healthy looking tan without causing any damage to your skin. You don’t have to lay out baking in the sun risking skin cancer and getting hot & sweaty anymore for a tan! This product is sunshine in a bottle!! If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend. You can purchase it here.

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