If you have been looking for a lipstick to transition into fall and winter, you have come to the perfect place! I will be listing all of my favorite colors that I think you should try.

It is no secret that I love a deep, dark, sexy, and mysterious lip combo! I think that a deep colored lip pairs perfectly with a cute sweater, and since sweater weather is among us, now is to the time to start shopping. Many people are afraid to experiment with darker shades, but if you pick the right color and know how to apply it, darker shades can be absolutely beautiful on any skin tone.

I will start with my absolute favorite lipstick color by MAC. I was a makeup artist at MAC for several years and when the fall season came around, this shade was my signature color! image.png

Say hello to DIVA by MAC! Diva is an intense reddish-burgundy matte shade. It is so rich and gorgeous. I saw hundreds of people try this lipstick shade on over the years, and I can’t recall a time that I didn’t like it on a person. It is one of those shades that anyone can wear.


This is  SIN by MAC. It may scare you a bit, but let me tell you, this lipstick turns heads. It is a deep dark blue red matte shade. Can we talk about the vampy vibes?! It is mysterious and sexy to say the least. I love it SO MUCH!


This beauty is FOUNDER by Maybelline. It is much lighter than the two above. It is the perfect deep reddish pink berry shade for fall. It isn’t too bright which I like. It has a warm and rich tone to it. If you are afraid to give the dark colors a try, this will be the perfect lipstick for you. Not only is it gorgeous, but it is also unbelievably affordable and the formula is incredible. It is one that y’all hear me talking about often on Instagram because I adore it. I think I have every shade in this lipstick. It’s fabulous! You won’t regret giving it a try, trust me.




Next on the list is TRUST ISSUES by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This is a dusty aubergine matte shade. I ordered it last week and it is supposed to arrive this week sometime. I personally have not tried it yet, but I read a lot of great reviews on it, so I am excited!





Last but not least is CABARET SHOW by NYX. This is one of my main go-to lipsticks! The formula and the price is ON POINT. Cabaret Show is a dark brownish pink nude shade. FYI, it is on sale for only $4.90. That price is such a steal. There are so many other gorgeous colors for you to choose from here. You can’t go wrong with this lipstick!

Those were all of my top picks for fall and winter. Of course there are a million different lipsticks out there to try, so don’t be afraid to experiment with others if these don’t work for you. I recommend using lip liners with all of these lipsticks. My favorite lip liners are amazing + super affordable. I will list them below!



New to deeper lipstick shades? If you are nervous about standing out too much or scared of what people will think, you shouldn’t be. If you like it and it makes you feel confident, then you should totally go for it. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You may fall in love!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog post. I hope you guys are having an amazing week. Comment below if you have tried or plan to try any of my top picks. See you soon! 



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