Nail trends to inspire you for your next nail salon visit.

Having beautiful, trendy nails has always been a priority for me. I can’t tell you how many thousands of screenshots I have on my phone of nails that I found on the internet. I am so obsessed! I am the girl that sits down in the chair at the nail salon and asks for the most difficult & expensive nails, and also the ones that take the longest to do! When it comes to my nails, basic isn’t an option. If you’re constantly searching for nail inspiration, then keep reading. I found lots of beautiful nails for you to show your nail tech next time you’re in the salon!

I have followed Salina Néou on Instagram for quite some time! I am a huge fan of her work. I sent her an email one day to see if I could use her photos for this blog and she sent back the SWEETEST email ever. I was beyond excited to have her permission to show off her beautiful work on my blog! She is amazing and I highly recommend you guys go check her out on Instagram. Her username is @_linadoll If you love nails then you must give her a follow and tell her that I sent you 🙂

Chrome Nails by Salina Néou





Chrome nails are a major trend. I think we will be seeing this fabulous trend for a while! One of my favorites are the rose gold chrome nails. I have an obsession with the color rose gold. It is so gorgeous any time of the year! Adding rose gold and chrome together is what dreams are made of.

Holographic nails by Salina Néou




I think that holographic nails are awesome. You will definitely turn heads with these!

Matte nails by Salina Néou



You can mattify any nail color and it will be totally beautiful. Matte nails will never go out of style. At least not for me! One of my favorites are the black matte nails. You just can’t go wrong with the color black!

Purple nails by Salina Néou


You guys know that purple is my happy color. How glamorous are these purple nails?! I always say that I am going to change my nail color to something different that I have never gotten before, but I end up going back to purple every time.

Nudes by Salina Néou



You can’t go wrong with the nudes! Brown nails are absolutely perfect for fall. These will pretty much go with any outfit! I can’t get enough of these nude shades.


I recently discovered @riyathai87 on Instagram. I contacted her through email for permission to use her photos. She was so kind! I ADORE her work. The details of her work amazes me! Please go check out her page & give her a follow. You will not regret it!

Detailed nails by Riya Thai







Can we just take a moment to appreciate the detail that @riyathai87 puts into these nails! There’s no doubt that she has a passion for what she does. Her work is out of this world. Next time you go to the nail salon, add a few jewels or some type of detail like the ones pictured above. It will add instant glam. It’s all about the details, babe!

Marble nails by Riya Thai





So I know you’ve seen this marble trend! It is a big deal right now and I’m extremely happy about it. I love this trend so much! It creates an instant clean and chic look. If you want stylish nails, then you must give the marble nails a try during your next visit to the nail salon.

Black nails by Riya Thai


These matte black and chrome gold nails scream glam!


Black nails with glitter? Yes, please!


If acrylic nails aren’t your thing or you don’t have the time to go to the nail salon, don’t worry. I will list a few trendy nail polish brands below that you can purchase to paint your own nails at home! Look for shades of deep wines, burnt oranges, gray, black, navy, rose gold, dusty rose, army green, and chromes. Another awesome option to check out is the color changing nail polish!

 If you want a nail polish that will last a while without chipping, has a wide variety of colors to choose from, and won’t break the bank, check out these 3 amazing brands below.

I have a huge collection of Essie Nail Polish and I could never have enough!

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