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So I came across this little gem at Walmart for $8.99. I am so lazy when it comes to brows. Filling in and shaping my brows is my least favorite part of doing makeup. When I saw this, I thought to myself, how amazing would it be to wake up, stamp on my brows, and go?! Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

There was only one shade available, so I had to get the dark brown. There is also a soft brown, but Walmart didn’t have it at the time. The package comes with two brow stamps, one for the left brow and one for the right brow, and it also comes with a tub of powder. You’re supposed to press the brow stamp onto powder, position the stamp at your brow bone to determine placement, and then gently press stamp onto the brow.

Application was pretty simple. It took less than one minute. This was the outcome: 



As you can see, the color is very red-toned. The dark brown shade is nowhere near the color of my brows, which is a bummer since there’s not a shade darker than this. The stamp did give my brows a very nice shape, but it is a little too thick for me. If it was a bit thinner, it would’ve been much better. The powder didn’t fill in my brows at all. It was sheer and patchy. I have sparse brows and I have hair loss in several areas. With those two issues, I HAVE to use brow products that will completely fill in those problem areas, or else my brows will look pretty bad and “undone” (like the photo above). 

Honestly, this product looks very fake and noticeable to me. It was fun to try out, but it is not something I would actually use. On top of the fact that it didn’t fill in my brows, the color was just too off and too faded for me. It served no purpose for me!! There was no way to make it work. I will be returning this item. I prefer something more precise, and something I can have a little more control over, such as a brow pencil or pomade. 

I am not giving up on brow stamps completely. There are plenty more brands to try. I am going to continue searching for them and trying out different ones. I know that even though this product was a miss, somewhere out there is a major hit. I just have to find it! When I do, I will let you beauties know as always. 


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